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29 Jun 2015 6:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Quad City Parrot Head Club members:

In an effort to stimulate volunteerism and participation, the Quad City Parrot Head Club board has voted to initiate a reward system similar to the one used by the Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club.

The Isle of Iowa annual honors its top parrothead, using a points system as its incentive, at its birthday bash. A lot of our system is going to look a lot like their successful system. Great ideas are often stolen ones, and we thank the Isle of Iowa for our groundwork.

The QCPH plan will begin in earnest on Jan 1 and will culminate on Nov. 31 of each year, with a QCPH “Parrot Head of the Year” awarded at the club birthday party, held in December.

The dues-paying member with the most points will receive the award, along with a free, one-year, single membership to the club, and other benefits. Any member with current dues will be eligible, except for current Board Members. To accumulate points, you must be a member in good standing.

Parrot Points will be available upon request for your review to ensure your points have been recorded correctly. In the event of a tie or discrepancy for the “Parrot Head of the Year,” the Board will make the final decision. 

The QCPH will be giving it a “trial run” from July 1 to Nov. 31 of this year, with a prize to be determined. 

Parrot Points are assigned as follows:

3 Points -- Attending a monthly Social (make sure you sign in on the sign-in sheets). 

1 Point – Donating items to our charities at monthly Socials. This is one point per donation category per person (up to a maximum of 3 points). (We will have new signup sheets that will have a donation box that you can check when you sign in) 

5 Points – Bringing a friend to a monthly Social for the first time. You will be asked to record the friend’s name on the sign-in sheet and will only get credit one time for that friend. **** You will receive another 3 points if your friend joins the club and your friend will receive 3 points also for joining. **** 

3 Points – For selling 50/50 tickets at a monthly Socials or other event. 

2 Points – For being an active member of a committee and attending committee meetings, with the maximum of 8 points acquired per event for attending meetings. 

10 Points – Chairing an HDD or Golf Outing committee. 

3 Points – Volunteering to work at an event and completing an assigned shift. 

1 Point – For attending a Board Meeting, Havanna Daydreamin’ or annual Golf Outing 

5 Points – Participating in an event that the club is partaking in, aside from the regular Socials. I.E: Parades, Highway Cleanup, Run/Walks for Charity would be eligible. Attending other Parrot Head Club Phlockings and House Concerts are included. Hosting a House Concert will earn 5 additional points.

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