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  • 18 Jul 2013 12:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Let me start off by saying congratulations to all of our newly elected board members, and welcome back Marc and Mike. Second, I want to thank Jan for a wonderful job as president, and to Jeanie for being the secretary. I know taking notes in the business meetings can sometimes be hectic but you did do a very good job Jeanie, thank you again. Jan, I know it sometimes felt overwhelming at times but you did a fantastic job and I hope I can do as good as job as you did in the coming months and years. Thank you again. It is a goal of mine to help make this club even stronger, better, and with more members than in the years past. We all want to have the best parrot head club in the U.S. and with the board, the administration members, and with members like YOU we can make this a reality and have fun doing it as well. I look forward to thechallenges and rewards of being president of such a wonderful club that does great things for those in need.
    Phins Up,
    Willy Fink
  • 16 Jul 2013 10:02 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    The July Social at Ducky's Lagoon on Andalusia Road (6 p.m. start, Wednesday, July 31st) is going to be one you're not going want to miss!
    We're calling it the New QCPH Photo Social!
    Ducky's has the perfect setting, and the club hasn't had a group photo taken since the 5-year anniversary party. This new photo may be used for our Havana Daydreamin' trifold that will go on all tables.
    So think tropical, dress tropical and invite new members.
    And say cheese!
  • 27 Jun 2013 11:35 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Quad City Parrot Head Club's

    1-2-3 SOCIAL!         Reflection   --   June '13

    What you were there for, what you might not have paid attention to,

     or what you wished you would have been there for

    (and didn't your English teacher tell you to NEVER end a phrase with a preposition?!?!?!?!)


    June 26, 2013 ................. Black Ram Restaurant, Rock Island  ..................... 79 QCPHers in attendance on a beautiful night at the Black Ram's outside seating.

    Charity Component: It's the annual box fan drive to assist Q-C elderly during the summer months. QCPH members donated 50 new fans, plus another $40 was donated to purchase additional fans.

    Gift certificate winners: The Black Ram generously donated two $25 gift certificates. The winners of those were Holly Secker-Brosman and Tom Tilton.

    New members: None stepped forward.

    50/50: The total raised was $400, with $200 going to Andy Anderson and $200 going to his charity choice, Jason's Box.

    News you need now

    * There are only TEN spots left on the QCPH Cubs-Cardinals bus trip on Saturday, Aug. 17. The cost is $105 person, which includes game ticket, bus ride and adult beverages on the bus. Email Social Director Mike Koester (mkoe@aol.com) SOON before it is sold out!

    Club elections are a month away. At the July meeting, running unopposed are WIllie Fink for president, Mike Koester for Social Director and Marc Nesseler for Communications Director. The lone contested board position is secretary, with Jean Smith and Jennie Fink on the ballot. To vote, you must be an active administrative member (as opposed to a social member - you selected one on your membership) and have attended two of the meetings from April-June.

    John Bethard is looking for volunteers once again for John Deere Classic parking July 10-14. This venture often leads to four-digit charity donations from the QCPH! Email oldriverpirate@yahoo.com to sign up!

    News that was

    * Or almost was ... the quarterly membership contest ends in days. Sign 'em up and have a chance to win the $25 quarterly prize!!

    News that will be

    * The next Havana Daydreamin' planning committee will be Monday, July 15, at Goombazz's on 18th Ave., Rock Island.


    * Wednesday, July 31 -- This one will be at Ducky's on Andalusia Road, Andalusia.

    * Wednesday, Aug. 28 -- This one will be at the Captain's Table on River Drive in Moline, where the Quad City Parrot Head Club first began! The first organizational meeting took place at the Captain's Table. Deja vu ...

  • 21 Jun 2013 5:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    From The Dispatch & The Rock Island Argus....

    MOLINE -- Being the third largest Jimmy Buffett fan club in the nation will pay a big dividend next week to the Quad City Parrot Head Club.

    Because of its lofty membership status – now with nearly 400 members and among the top three clubs nationally since 2009 – three local sites will be among only 11 nationwide to host a streamcast of Tuesday's Jimmy Buffett concert at the Susqeuhanna Bank Center in Camden, N.J.

    TouchTunes is partnering with Mr. Buffett to streamcast the concert, which will be available locally at Steve's Belgrade Tavern & Grill, 2431 16th St., Moline; the Pioneer Club, 206 N. Chestnut St., Kewanee; and Cochran's Pub, 13464 Galt Road, Sterling.

    The free broadcast will begin at 7 p.m.

    “The Quad City club is so big that we wanted to get multiple locations in that area,” said TouchTunes representative Paris Karoutsos of Arlington Heights. "One the issues we had is that there are not that many opportunities, because you need a specific type of jukebox and there are only a handful.”

    The streamcast uses a new product called Touchtunes Presents, the brainchild of the TouchTunes CEO and Mr. Buffett. According to Mr. Karoutsos, Mr. Buffett was looking for a way to reach more of his fans.

    “We chose Moline for a specific reason: your Parrothead group,” Mr. Karoutsos said. “Jimmy had put together a list of parrot head groups that he wanted to have these concerts near, and Moline was on the list!”

    Cece Vance, co-owner of the Belgrade, said the tavern & grill received notice of the streamcast two weeks ago. However, they were told they couldn't market it until TouchTunes brought in the a tech support team to make sure the equipment was compatible.

    “The concert will be aired on the televisions in the bar with the music from the jukebox, so it should be good,” Mrs. Vance said. “We're pretty excited about it.”

    Other streamcast locations for the concert include two sites in Ocean City, Md.; two in San Antonio, Texas; and four in Florida (two in Tampa).

    Among Parrot Head clubs, Tampa is the fourth largest, San Antonio 12th and Ocean City 18th, based on end-of-year numbers. The largest Parrot Head club is The Villages, a retirement community in Florida, with nearly 1,400 members.

    This will be the third time TouchTunes has streamcast a Buffett concert.

    “The first was Oct. 30 for his concert in Vegas, and the other was April 30 in Atlanta,” said Mr. Karoutsos. “The first one was at one location, in Chicago, on Halloween night. And with only two days' notice, they packed that place.”

    Mike Koester, social director for the QC Parrot Head Club, expects the same will be true at Belgade with less than a week's notice.

    “I think our parrot heads will fill the place.," he said. "This is a great opportunity to see a live Buffett concert on the East Coast right here in the Quad-Cities, the next best thing to being there.

    "The Quad City Parrot Head Club is certainly flattered that Mr. Buffett hand-picked our club to benefit from this streamcast.”
  • 20 Jun 2013 11:19 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    The Quad City Parrot Head Club is proud to announce that it will be presenting a check for $4,000 (!) to the Culinary Kids Program of Family Resources as a result of its very successful annual golf outing at Highland Springs. The check presentation will be done at the June Social, which will be Wednesday, June 26, at 6 p.m. at the Black Ram Restaurant, 1407 30th St., Rock Island. That Social also will have the charity component of our annual box fan drive to assist the elderly during the summer. Hope you can make it to the Social!
  • 03 Jun 2013 5:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    HOW ABOUT THIS!!!!! One of our Quad City Parrot Heads won in the PHiP college scholarship contest!!! Way to go Karli!!!

    This comes from Mom & Dad, Kathy & Steve Murrens ...

    "Many of you know our daughter Karli. Back before she was too cool to hang out with her parents, she was with us at all the events. Karli is going into her Sophomore year at St. Ambrose.
    This weekend she got a call from David Cohen, the Secretary for Parrot Heads in Paradise informing her she took third place in this years national scholarship program. That is a $2000 that Mom and Dad don't have to pony up this year. Our baby girl will soon be posted on the PHIP website and we have to admit, her parents are very proud of her."
  • 30 May 2013 2:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Quad City Parrot Head Club's

    1-2-3 SOCIAL! Reflection --   May '13

    What you were there for, what you might not have paid attention to,

     or what you wished you would have been there for

    (and didn't your English teacher tell you to NEVER end a phrase with a preposition?!?!?!?!)


    May 29, 2013 ................. Mound Street Landing, Davenport  ..................... 85 QCPHers in attendance, but the biggest and most important take from this night was the passionate giving by the club toward the Red Cross with thoughts and prayers directed toward the tornado-ravaged cities of Oklahoma.

    There's great reason to be QCPH Parrot Head Proud -- from this Monthy Social, the club donated over $700 ($710 to be exact) and 1,203 items for tornado/fire/flood victim kits that will be given to the Red Cross in its assistance to disaster victims. Yes, that is worth a 1-2-3 SOCIAL!

    A couple of big shoutouts to be given here. First of all, to 50/50 winners Chris Pekios and Jeanita Harris, who shared $20 worth of tickets. They accepted back their $20 and then gave the rest of their $250 in winnings to the Red Cross to make for a total of $520 from the 50/50 going to charity. Wow! ... AND, to Tina Sims and the Taylor Ridge Elementary School, with the school coming through with a $120 donation to the Red Cross cause. Again, Wow!

    Charity Component: The Red Cross, and what a wonderful job our parrot heads did in coming through in the clutch!

    New members: None stepped forward. But then again, the Blackhawks were on TV in a Game 7 of the NHL Playoffs. Just sayin'.

    50/50: Chris Pekios and Jeanita Harris split the $540 pot, then kept the $20 they paid for the tickets and gave the rest to Red Cross.

    News you need now

    * The annual QCPH Golf Outing is a little over a week away! On Saturday, June 8, setup at the Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Hall in Rock Island will begin at 8:30 a.m. and any help will be greatly appreciated. Also, there is still time to a) sign up as a on-course volunteer (we could still use a few more - email nesseler@qconline.com; registration workers will start at 11:45, on-course volunteers at 12:45) or b) GOLF (sign up at the qcph.com website). Golf will have a shotgun start starting at 1 p.m. at Highland Springs in Rock Island.

    Club elections are coming up soon, at the July Meeting in fact. To vote you must be an active administrative member (as opposed to a social member - you selected one on your membership) and have attended two of the meetings from April-June.

    Looking for something to do on Wednesday, June 12? There's plenty. How about FREE tickets to the Quad Cities River Bandits that night?!?! Robert Meyer has some of those -- email him at rrmeyer82806@earthlink.net to get your hands on those. ... Also that night is John Bethard's Birthday (Social Director Mike Koester mentioned it was his 85th, but it is believed that Mike was rounding). That will be at Bleyart's Tap in Davenport. Mike also mentioned that John would be buying rounds, in the truest sense of "rounding."

    Speaking of the River Bandits, the QCPH Night at the River Bandits is coming up too, on Saturday, June 22. Tailgating will start at 1 p.m. that day. Tickets are $7 for a box seat -- call the River Bandits office to get tickets and make sure you mention the Parrot Heads so that you can get that ticket rate.

    The first Blackhawk Road Cleanup should be Saturday, June 15. Watch the Yahoo Group for details.

    News that was

    * Name badges are out! And they become more like gold, so make sure you pick yours up and urge your friends to become members. The name badges now come with PHiP perks ... with discounts at Cheeseburger in Paradise franchises, Margaritavilles and other fun places. Also, efforts are being made for LOCAL discounts, in fact three companies are onboard now so it's going to be a deal of certainty. Look for more news on this soon!

    News that will be

    * Speaking of the Golf Outing, the After-Party that night will be special too, with the Gray Wolf Band performing. That is included in the price of golf, however if you don't golf, you can still go to the After-Party for $10. Also, the Culinary Kids of Family Resources, the charity of the outing, will be cooking for the After-Party that night, and that cost is just $5 for those not golfing ($15 for the band and food if you struggled with math in the past). Hope to see you there!!

    The bus is filling up for the Cubs-Cards bus trip on August 17! Cost is $105 per person which includes a ticket to the game, the bus ride and beverages on the bus. Fun stuff! See Mike Koester for tickets!!

    The first HDD 2014 Committee meeting will be on Monday, June 10 at Goombazz in Rock Island (site of a recent Social). It will start at 6 p.m. Time to get the ball rolling on a successful 10th anniversary HDD!

    Also on the horizon is John Deere Classic parking, always a big charity money-maker for the club. More on that later.


    * Wednesday, June 26 -- This one will be at the Black Ram, 30th Street & 14th Avenue, Rock Island.

    * Wednesday, July 31 -- This one will be at Ducky's on Andalusia Road, Andalusia.

  • 28 May 2013 8:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    After the QCPH Golf Outing on Saturday, June 8, the Gray Wolf Band will play from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Hall on Blackhawk Road in Rock Island.

    Those who are golfing in the event will be admitted to the after-party for free.

    And here's the deal for those who want to hear the Gray Wolf Band even though they are not going to be golfing -- admission to the after-party is just $10, and it's BYOB so there is no cost of buying alcohol at the party!

    OR, for an extra $5 (or for a total of $15), you can add dinner that will be served that night at the Hall!!

    To tickets to QCPH Golf After-Party, either with meal or without, go to home page of this web site and click on the Golf Outing in Events which will direct you to ticket purchases.

    Hope to see all of you Gray Wolf fans at the QCPH Golf After-party!!

  • 27 May 2013 9:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With our thoughts of the tornado victims in Oklahoma, this month's Social at Mound Street Landing in the Village of East Davenport will be one in which we can open our hearts to them as well.

    * The 50/50 drawing at the May Social will be one in which the donation portion of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross, which spearheads the efforts to revive the ravaged Oklahoma cities.

    * The charity component of the May Social also is the Red Cross, which has requested items to make up their comfort kits that are given to people who have had not only tornado loss but also fire and flood.

    The following are items that can be donated on Wednesday, and we will turn over all we collect to the Red Cross:

    ** Toothbrushes; trial-size toothpaste; combs; trial size bars of soap; washclothes; trial size lotions; trial size deodorants; disposable razors; shampoo; trial size tissues; small notebooks; pens; coloring books and crayons for children.

    Hope to see everyone at the Social and please keep the folks in Oklahoma in your thoughts and prayers.

  • 02 May 2013 6:05 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Things you might need to know ...

    The QCPH business meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month, at 524 16th St., Rock Island.

    The QCPH post office box address is ... P.O. Box 162, Bettendorf, IA 52722.
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