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  • 04 Feb 2013 12:54 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Want some impressive numbers from the 2013 Havana Daydreamin' fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 2, at the Davenport RiverCenter?

    * 220 -- The number of auction baskets, which was just 25 short of the all-time HDD record. For the past two years, we have split the baskets between a silent auction and a sand-bucket auction which appears to be a great success.

    * 1,000 -- The number of dollars raised for most popular of the live auction items, the chainsaw-carved art by QCPH member Tom Verdon. 

    * 350 -- Believe this is the top silent auction bid, on the signed Green Bay Packers football. Maybe someone should let the Chicago Bears know ... they might not like not being No. 1 when it comes to HDD.

    * 0 -- Pretty sure this is the number of beach balls, buckets and lanyards remaining on tables by the night's end. The beautiful thing there is that each of these had the Quad City Parrot Head name and/or web site, a great reminder to come back here often for news and events. The lanyard also had the date of the 10th annual HDD, Feb. 1, 2014!

    More to come ... just wanted to whet your appetite for those who like big numbers.
  • 23 Jan 2013 10:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    QC Parrot Head Club's

    1-2-3 SOCIAL! Reflection -- January

    What you were there for, what you might not have paid attention to,

     or what you wished you would have been there for

    (and didn't your English teacher tell you to NEVER end a phrase with a preposition?!?!?!?!)


    January 24, 2013 ................. River House, Moline  ..................... approx. 80 QCPHers in attendance, which is a great number considering this was an "impromtu Social," held on the next to last Wednesday of the month rather than the last Wednesday. Originally there was to be no Social since the last Wednesday falls days ahead of Havana Daydreamin'. However, it the quick put-to-together fashion that brings Social Director Mike Koester such fame, it was decided that this "added" Social could be held bolster the HDD silent auction.

    Charity Component: Indirectly, it was Rebuilding Together Quad Cities, the charity of the 2013 HDD. Members were urged to bring in items that could go toward enhancing the fundraiser's silent auction tables as well as the Lottery Tree that will be up for bid at HDD.

    New members: Welcome Rick and Norma Schmidt of Eldridge! Rick is originally from Georgia, Norma originally from Arizona, so they just split the difference and call the Quad-Cities area home.

    Also in attendance was Bob Randklev of the Isle of Iowa Club! Bob had business to tend to in Tipton, and saw on the QCPH Facebook Page (gold star for noticing there!!) that there was a Social on tap, so he packed his Isle of Iowa long-sleeve shirt and a pair of flip flops and enjoyed the Social QCPH style! The Isle of Iowa Socials, by the way, are held on the Third Thursdays of each month. Check for the Isle of Iowa Facebook Page for details.

    Also in attendance were the youngest of QCPH members - Jolee Corbin, 8 months old, and Sophia Rose Meyer, who is 8 weeks older than Jolee. What a special night for the extended Meyer family!

    50/50: The winner is Jean Smith, $202.50 to her, and $202.50 to the Riverdale High School After-Prom.

    Nametag winners: And owners of River House T-shirts are ... Anke Maas and Mike McLaughlin.

    News you need now

    All eyes are now on Havana Daydreamin'! As '13 HDD Director Mike Koester said, "We sweat and fret and somehow it all falls into place. We're still working hard and there's a lot of work to be done."

    Upmost is ticket sales. Promote whenever and wherever you can. QCPH Willie Fink made a passionate plea to the large Social crowd, saying, "We need as much help as we can, so please considering giving a couple of hours of your time that night. Without you guys, our committee members and volunteers, we could not make this happen. It's the biggest thing we do. Let's make this one of the biggest we've had."

    Koester also requested members to come through with more Lottery tickets so that that Silent Auction Lottery Tree will be something really really special.

    HDD will be promoted within the next week on Paula Sands Live on KWQC and on the 11 a.m. news on WQAD-TV. Jason Fechner of WQAD will be the emcee that night. Also, the Times will have HDD ads on Sunday and in its Go section.

    The PreParty is in need of desserts. Those who can donate there can either bring them by the RME on Saturday morning, or if they are volunteering for an early afternoon time, can bring it when they arrive for duty.

    Setup at the River Center will take place Friday morning on Feb. 1.

    News that was

    The winners of the final quarter of the 2012 Membership Drive were Joanie Kiel and Shelly Rumler, who split the $25 prize. The overall winner of the 2012 Membership Drive was Bob Anderson, of course. The Membership Drive accounted for 61 new members during the year!

    In fact, the drive was so successful that the Membership Director Linda Anderson and the board decided to extend the contest into 2013. So keep bringing in those members and make sure your name is on their application so that you can get credit. There is $25 to win each quarter!! Also, whomever signs up a member during 2013 will be eligible for a drawing at year's end for a ticket to the 2014 Havana Daydreamin'!

    News that will be

    The QCPH again will be having a Cubs-Cardinals, or Cardinals-Cubs depending on your fan preference, to Wrigley Field in 2013. Mark your calendars for Saturday, Aug. 17th, a day game. The cost is $105 which includes the game ticket, bus trip, voyage beverages and "entertainment." The latter is a bit difficult to describe, but this annual fundraiser may now have the motto of "We Will Go Far, To The Greatest of Miles" when it comes to entertainment on I-80. So get your full counts in order - once tickets are gone, they're gone.


    Wednesday, Feb. 27 -- This one will be at The Clubhouse, 2501 53rd Ave., Bettendorf. The Clubhouse has an indoor golf course (with the big screens) so bring your clubs if you wish! Unless we hear otherwise, the charity component will be Pet Supplies for QC Animal Awareness, to the Milan No-Kill Shelter.

    Wednesday, March 27 -- This one will be at Goombazz on 18th Avenue in Rock Island. The charity component will be announced at a later date.

  • 13 Jan 2013 11:23 AM | Anonymous member
    The Membership Contest for 2012 has ended.  The last qtr winners were: Joanie Keil and Shelly Rumler, spliting $25.00.  Overall winner was Bob Anderson, winning $25.00.  Thank you to all who helped make this a success! 
  • 06 Jan 2013 6:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    We are in need of LIVE Auction items for HDD. These are usually larger ticket items. So if anyone has a condo/timeshare, a service, nice piece of jewelry, artwork, motorcycle, boat, pool table, hot tub, frozen concoction maker...Really any big item you would like to get rid of - maybe it is just gathering dust (No children please! ha ha), please let one of the board members know. We can arrange for a pick up.

    We are also in need of a few items to round out our basket making efforts for our Silent auction. Here is a wish list:

    Scratch off or instant lottery tickets
    2 bottles of Margarita mix & tequila
    Captain Morgan Rum
    2 bottles Barcardi Rum (light)
    Jack Daniels
    Any other unopened bottles of spirits
    2 bags Margaritaville tortilla chips
    Jagermeister and Jager Bomb glasses
    Bottle of Brandy or Grand Marnier type liqueur
    6 pack Landshark beer
    Any kind of golf pass, or greens fees certificate, or golf gift card
    Manicure or pedicure gift certificate
    25 bottles of wine, any flavor
    Any other unopened bottles of booze
    Any branded items (Bud, Miller, Margaritaville etc.)
    Large baskets (we are good on small and medium baskets)
    Any other dis 'n' dat items to help us round out our baskets!

    You are welcome to drop off your donations at the clubhouse at Wednesday's business meeting or the Social the following Wednesday. Otherwise we have several members who are willing to pick up your donations in order to make HDD a success for our charity Rebuilding Quad Cities Together.
  • 06 Jan 2013 6:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Originally the plans were to skip the January Social (because the final Wednesday fell too close to the Feb. 2 Havana Daydreamin' fundraiser) but it true parrot head fashion, there will, indeed, be a January Social!! YEAH!!

    It will be at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 23 (moved up a week from the regularly scheduled final Wednesday). It will be at the River House, 1510 River Drive, Moline. 

    A big reason to have the Social is to for members to bring in items to be donated for the HDD Silent Auction. There are several options there: Lottery Tickets for the HDD Lottery Tree, or bottles of booze/wine for baskets. There will be a separate posting for items in need for the Silent Auction.
  • 03 Jan 2013 9:14 PM | Anonymous member
    Hi All
    2013 Havana DayDreamin' Saturday, 2 Feb.
    Just an update about rooms at the Radisson for HDD weekend. The special Parrothead rate of $104.00 will end this weekend. I think that the full price is $129.00.
    There are only 20 rooms available at the Radisson. HURRY and get your rooms, be sure to mention that you want in the QCPH or Parrot Head block of rooms.
    Only 29 more days ! Come party with us.
    HDD Tickets and reserve tables and Pre Party tickets are for sale on the Web site under the "Store" section.
    HDD Tickets are also on sale at your local Hy Vee Stores.

    Phins UP.

    Jan Haugen
    Quad City Parrot Head Club
    Rock Island, Illinois
  • 19 Dec 2012 10:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    •                             Quad City Parrot Head Club's
                              1-2-3 SOCIAL! Reflection -- December

      What you were there for,
      what you might not have paid attention to,
       or what you wished you would have been there for
      (and didn't your English teacher tell you to NEVER end a phrase with a preposition?!?!?!?!)

    December 19, 2012 .................... RIBCO, downtown Rock Island  ......................... approx. 50 QCPHers in attendance

    Charity Component: This was the annual Christmas Social, so there was no charity component.

    50/50: The winner is Andy Anderson, $110 to him, and $110 to Jason's Box.

    • In leiu of Social News, we bring you a Holiday Gift Exchange Play by Play! (believe to be a parrot head first!)

    There were 18 gifts in the exchange. The way it works is that everyone who brings a gift draws a number. Gifts are then opened in order of number, however if someone would rather steal a gift than open one, they can do that. If a gift is stolen twice, it is frozen and can no longer be stolen. That last fact, by the way, proved to play out quite entertainingly as we reached the 17th and 18th gifts!

    Here's how it went down:
    1) Mike H - Participating in his first QCPH holiday gift exchange, he will long be remembered for taking forever to daintily unwrap the first gift, a bottle of Bailey's and a Smores-making kit.
    2) Bob A - Right up his alley, he got a Hooters calendar and a bottle of Margarita mix.
    3) Diane - A bottle of Captain.
    4) Kathy K - A bottle of Liquid Panty Remover. Really. That's what the label said. Can't make that up. Oh, and two glasses.
    5) Wanda - A Dancing Tropical Santa.
    6) Todd H - A Kalhua Gift Set.
    7) Christine M - A pair of Flamingo Statues and a 'Got Rum' tumbler.
    8) Andy - Our first steal of the night! Andy takes the Tropical Santa from Wanda! Wanda then chooses a gift, an Electric Wine Bottle Opener and a bottle of wine.
    9) Dave H - A commemorative Key West Boat Drunks tank top and ballcap. XL, as Dave notes, hoping to fend off stealers.
    10) Linda - Jello Shot Book and Syringes.
    11) Kathleen -- Steals the Baileys and Smores from Mike H. Mike elects to take a gift rather than steal, and opens "Jingle Jugs," musical dancing boobies. And batteries.
    12) TJ - TJ steals the Tropical Santa from Andy for the first frozen gift of the night! Andy then elects to open a gift, and gets a hand-painted martini glass.
    13 ) Mike Keil - Mike steals the Boat Drunks tank and hat from Dave, looking fashionable already in his Packers Santa Hat. So, Dave ignites the night's first double steal, taking the Jingle Jugs from Mike H (the second steal from him ... might want to have a mini-violin handy). Mike H then opens his THIRD gift of the night (and yes, the process is painstakingly tedious), which is a Yankee Candle, Autumn Wreath.
    14) Margie - Margie opens a Magic Bullet. Yeah, we all thought the same thing too. But it was a blender. At least that's what she told us.
    15) Marc - Playing the game the way it's supposed to be played, Marc steals the Baileys and Smores from Kathleen, thus keeping the prize in the family AND freezing it for the night. Kathleen then steals the Captain Morgan from Diane, which had lasted a dozen picks without a steal. Diane then opens one of the few gifts left, a set of tropical hand towels and wash clothes.
    16) Jerry B - Jerry steals the Liquid Panty Remover, the first steal of that for the night, from Kathy K. Kathy goes for the opening of a gift and is ecstatic to open a Key West Limited Edition Boat Drunks hoodie!! Yeah, as if that's going to remain hers for long, destined for gift theft.
    17) Karen H - Karen opens one of the two remaining gifts, and it's a doozie -- a South Pole Santa that has an extensive third leg in a Santa hat that juts up to the tune of 'Bad To The Bone.'
    18 ) Mike K is up and this is where the gift exchange reached its crescendo. His steal started a string of seven straight before the final gift was opened! And oh the strategy involved! And the misery carved into Christine, who had THREE items stolen from her in this stretch!
    First, Mike stole the Flamingos from Christine. Christine then took the coveted Boat Drunks hoodie from Kathy K. Kathy did the smart spouse thing, stealing the Flamingos from Mike, thus freezing them into the Koester household. That, though, is when Mike stole the Boat Drunks hoodie -- and remember, that is the gift that Kathy K first opened and dearly hoped to keep! -- thus freezing IT into the Koester household!! Back to Christine's pick again, and she takes the Jello Shots Book and Syringes from Linda. Linda takes the Dirty Bad To The Bone Santa from Karen, who takes the Jello Shots/Syringes and thus freezes them, yet again keeping Christine from something she wanted. So, Christine opts for the final gift - a bottle of Captain Morgan.
    19) Since Mike H had the No. 1 slip, he then got the option for one last steal. He traded his Candle to Diane for the tropical towel set.
    Tremendously fun night!

    Not a lot of Social news to report, but it's noteworthy that Havana Daydreamin' is less than seven weeks away, and tickets are now available at the website, www.qcph.com, as are tickets to the afternoon pre-party.

    •                             UPCOMING SOCIAL
      Wednesday, Feb. 27 -- Because of the last Wednesday of January being so near to HDD, there will be no January Social. That means the next one will be in February. That one will be at The Clubhouse, 2501 53rd Ave., Bettendorf. With there being no January Social, I will assume that the January Charity Component would be pushed to February, and that would be Pet Supplies for QC Animal Awareness, to the Milan No-Kill Shelter.

    • See you in '13!



  • 28 Nov 2012 10:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Quad City Parrot Head Club's

      1-2-3 SOCIAL! Reflection -- November

    What you were there for, what you might not have paid attention to,

    or what you wished you would have been there for

    (and didn't your English teacher tell you to NEVER end a phrase with a preposition?!?!?!?!)


        November 28, 2012 .............. QC Family Fun Center, Moline .................. 80 QCPHers in attendance

        Charity Component:

        TOYS FOR TOTS ... and 146 new unwrapped toys, plus 40 in cash, was

        donated by QCPH members! The Marines, however, were not there at the

        Family Fun Center to pick them up. As Social

        Director Mike Koester noted, "There are two that I can't have at a Social --

        the Marines and John Patti, because if I did, we wouldn't get anything done." The QCPH ladies

         unanimously agree.

        New members: Steve McDonnell of Moline and Ross Scott of East Moline. Welcome!

        50/50: The winner is Louis Mack, $288 to him, but then he took $62 of that and made it $150 to

         Toys for Tots and $200 to Gilda's Club.

        Membership badge winner: There were several, each winning bowling rounds at the Family Fun


    News you need now

       * This actually was the second straight Social at the Family Fun Center, however the October

        one fell right on Halloween plus it was during MOTM. However, one way to look at it ... add the

         approximate 20 at the October Social to the November Social and we go over triple-digits for

         Social attendance!

        * The next Havana Daydreamin' organizational meeting will be Monday, Dec. 10, at Twenty Bar

         & Grill, downtown Moline, at 6 p.m.

    News that was

        * The annual QCPH Trivia Night and Chili Challenge was a huge success, with approximately 25

         teams and eight Chili Challengers. Jan Haugen, our club president, won first place in the Chili

         Challenge. Doug Smith brilliantly emcee'd the event, and most likely will be highly requested to

         do the same in 2013. The Trivia Night and Chil Challenge proceeds for charity should be over


        * The Feeding Frenzy at Ridgewood Towers in East Moline likewise was a five-star event for

        QCPH. The seniors love us, and we love them. Nothing beats the smiles on their faces when we

         visit each year to serve them Cheeseburgers in paradise with all of the fixins and plenty of

        dessert. Oh my, the desserts!!

    News that will be

       * Got your Havana Daydreamin' tickets yet? You can now get the at the NEW QCPH website

         (www.qcph.com). Also, the HDD Committee is still in search of volunteers. Please consider

         helping our for an hour's time block - contact volunteer chair Kelly Miles.

       * The final 2012 quarter of the Membership Drive ends Dec. 31. Time is winding down so recruit

        new members and have a chance at the final $25 prize, not to mention the '12 overall recruiting

        prize money.


        Wednesday, Dec. 19 -- Yes, this one is moved up a week because of the

        Christmas holidays. For the first time ever, a QCPH Social will be held at

        RIBCO in downtown Rock Island. It will be the club's annual gift exchange,

         so bring a gift of $20 to $25 value and you'll get to participate. You draw

        tickets for the order of selection. You can steal a gift up to two times, with

         the second steal becoming permanent. The person who's gift is stolen then selects and

         unwraps  another. As Social Director Mike Koester said, "You steal it, you piss 'em off, that's

         what we do."   Funny and true!

  • 20 Nov 2012 3:41 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It is one of the most significant events that the QCPH undertakes -- the annual Feeding Frenzy!

    On Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012, QPCH volunteers served cheeseburgers in paradise, some fixins and lots of dessert to the residents of Ridgewood Towers in East Moline. There are always smiles on the faces of the Seniors, as well as the Parrot Heads who give them their sole attention. The love us and love it when we come back each year!

    From QCPH president Jan Haugen: Thank you for all the wonderful volunteers that came to Feeding Frenzy yesterday. It was a great time. All the food was good and ALL the PIES were fantastic. I know that all the seniors really enjoy the afternoon. I heard one lady say how glad she was that we were there and they wait for us all year. She was worried that we had forgotten them this year. Let us NEVER forget our seniors. Thanks again PHs, you put a smile on their faces and a memory in their hearts, what more could we ask for.

    From membership chair Linda Anderson: This is one of my favorite events. The smiles on the seniors face and the thank you we get are priceless. Hope to do it again next year.

    And from QCPH member Christine Martinez: I said it before & will say it again - my favorite event we host!!! It was great seeing all of QCPH working together & doing what we do best - sharing Smiles! :) Special Shout Out to Chef Todd who grilled ALL the hamburgers himself - Great Job!!! Lastly a well deserved SOCIAL!!!
  • 07 Nov 2012 4:44 PM | Anonymous member
    The website isn't playing tricks on your eyes - it just got updated!  More information to come...
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