Quad City Parrot Head Club

supporting QC charities one party at a time
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Quad City Parrot Head Club

supporting QC charities one party at a time
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15th Anniversary 2018

Sailing together for 15 years

Karla made sure that the Lodge on Credit Island rocked Saturday night, December 1, with the tunes of Compass Rose, vocals by parrot heads from area clubs, Dave Hamburgs trumpet, and the stories of 15 years of friendship. Best BBQ chicken and cheesy potatoes, delivered by Matthiesen meat and catering, was one comment overheard. The cakes from Costco, white and chocolate, were given plenty of attention. Thank you, Anke, for selecting and securing a perfect meal including spinach salad and raspberry dressing. Our club and guests donated 100 toys including doll babies and soccer balls. The donation bucket contained another $100 for Toys for Tots. We all appreciate the hard work of our membership director, Marilyn, and treasurer Robin. for keeping track of member services and raising the happiness level with smiles and interesting stories. Great greeters set the tone for the evening.

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Quad City Parrot Heads - If you have questions about the new website or need help with anything on the site, please contact Dee at communications@qcph.com.

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What The Heck Is A "Parrot Head Club"?

The Quad City Parrot Head Club was sanctioned in December 2003.  We are one of 214 “Parrot Heads in Paradise” member clubs. Our network of over 200 clubs around the U.S. plus international clubs based in Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Australia contributes to a total membership of over 25,000 dedicated fun-loving Parrot Heads.  We are a collection of people of all ages and backgrounds who embrace the music of Jimmy Buffett and the lifestyle he writes about. We also believe in leaving things just a little better than we found them, and having a BLAST while doing it…something we like to call “partying with a purpose!”

Over the last 16 years Parrot Head Clubs have collectively contributed more than 50.5 million and more than 4 million volunteer hours!  WOW!!

And, there's more to the story...

These numbers, while spectacular, do not include those efforts which are not measured by dollars or man-hours, and Parrot Heads never cease to amaze in their creativity:

Parrot Heads Collect Things... canned goods, pet supplies, clothing, pop tops, old cell phones, used ink cartridges, and, of course, toys; all distributed to the appropriate agencies that get the goods to where they do the most good. And let's not forget the trash ... virtually every club works diligently to keep our nation's rivers, beaches, lakes, and highways clean with regular trash collection sessions.

Parrot Heads Compete ... Many chapters sponsor Bowling tournaments, Volleyball tournaments, Golf tournaments and even a Cornhole tournament. Chili cook-offs are also a favorite fundraiser for a number of Clubs.

Parrot Heads March ... Most all Parrot Head Clubs build and enter a float in their local community parades, be it Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, St. Patrick's Day ... You name it; if there's a local parade, Parrot Heads will be prancing and no less than two dozen chapters (including the QCPH!) won awards for Best of Show, Best Float, etc.

From Poker Runs & Pub Crawls to the dreaded Polar Plunge, the picture is clear ... the good deeds that Parrot Heads perform for the benefit of the community, the environment and our fellow man often cannot be measured in quantitative terms, yet are so vital to the recipients.

The Quad City Parrot Head Club grew to over 600 members in just 5 years.

The Quad City Parrot Head Club, now holding at around 500 members, and continues to rank as one of the largest Parrot Head Clubs in the world!

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