Sailing together for 15 years

Karla made sure that the Lodge on Credit Island rocked Saturday night, December 1, with the tunes of Compass Rose, vocals by parrot heads from area clubs, Dave Hamburgs trumpet, and the stories of 15 years of friendship. Best BBQ chicken and cheesy potatoes, delivered by Matthiesen meat and catering, was one comment overheard. The cakes from Costco, white and chocolate, were given plenty of attention. Thank you, Anke, for selecting and securing a perfect meal including spinach salad and raspberry dressing. Our club and guests donated 100 toys including doll babies and soccer balls. The donation bucket contained another $100 for Toys for Tots. We all appreciate the hard work of our membership director, Marilyn, and treasurer Robin. for keeping track of member services and raising the happiness level with smiles and interesting stories. Great greeters set the tone for the evening.