Why join QCPH?

The Top Ten Reasons To Join The QC Parrot Head Club

  1. Quad City Parrot Head ClubWe can look for that lost shaker of salt together.
  2. We never show up alone.
  3. BUFFETT!!!!!! And all the crazy folks who understand our southeast of disorder ways!
  4. When we travel, we don’t visit – we start the party!
  5. Because a tropical state of mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  6. Because there are never enough occasions to wear a feather boa!
  7. To get “Lei’d” often.
  8. ‘Cuz the world needs more Parrot Head excitement, and Jimmy only comes around twice a year (we’re luckier than most)!
  9. For the thrill of the fear that people will find out what you are really like.
  10. Party with a Purpose! What could be better?